We seek to be a vibrant and challenging school that opens the minds and hearts of our pupils, teachers, parents and all other members of our community. We wish to provide a transformative experience, developing to the full each pupil's intellectual, artistic, sporting, spiritual and social faculties, while ensuring that each grows to understand that serving and caring for others brings the highest rewards in life and the greatest likelihood of long term happiness and fulfillment.

We seek to ensure that every child realises his or her academic potential to the full, by offering challenging, demanding and exciting lessons from a rich and dynamic curriculum presented by passionate, learned and dynamic teachers who will focus on providing inspiring teaching, and innovative teaching methods.

Hibberdene Academy is deeply committed to providing a holistic education, and developing, not only each member of our community’s individual gifts, but also all our partners who are committed to educational ideals, through emphasis on the following:

1. Logical - mathematical and scientific understanding;
2. Linguistic - ability in English, Languages, Humanities; written and spoken communication;
3. Social - awareness of the feelings of others; relating to and working with others;
4. Personal - becoming master of one's own mind, body and emotions;
5. Cultural - artistic, dramatic, musical skill and interest;
6. Physical - dexterity, agility; sporting and dance prowess;
7. Spiritual - thinking and awareness beyond materialism and the self;
8. Moral- personal responsibility/courage; having firm principles and adhering to them.

We believe that full co-education provides the ideal environment for both boys and girls in which to learn and flourish, and to develop into rounded and balanced adults.