Our pupils are comprised of about 95% from the Black community with the rest Indian and White, with an almost equal division between girls and boys. Transport is a major issue. Many come from the Turton and Mtwalume areas and often there are faced by many challenges with getting to and from school, especially in the rainy season. Our children come, mostly, from depressed areas and fractured families, so the school takes on an important social role as well as providing academic tuition.

Head Leaders

Siobhan Callow – Head Leader

Siobhan Callow

Hi! I am Siobhan Callow, Hibberdene Academy’s Head Leader of 2014. I am 17 years old and currently in Grade 12. I enjoy Life Science, Geography, Chemistry and Core Mathematics – even though it is hard work. My main passion is nature. My goals are to one day improve animal rights, protect the environment and attain my Doctorate. Hibberdene Academy provides the 3 main tools to help me achieve my aspirations. They are work hard, work hard, and work hard. My school is not only a place where I obtain my knowledge, but a place where I made a family and the place where I found myself. Hibberdene Academy accepts me for who I am and helps to improve me. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to repay my school and help it to increase in numbers so that more people could be privileged enough to receive the best education and care – just as I am. Since being a learner at the Hibberdene Academy, I have realised: I am the master of my destiny – and what an amazing destiny it will be!

Samkelisiwe Jeane Mbambo – Deputy Leader

My name is Samkelisiwe Jeane Mbambo. I am a Deputy Head Leader in Grade 12 at the Hibberdene Academy. I follow a science path that includes Physical Science, Life Science, Geography and Maths Core as well as the 3 compulsory subjects. The Chemistry side of Physical Science and Mathematics are my favourite subjects. After school, I would like to study medicine because I am captivated by medical science. I love helping others. My hobbies include reading, jogging, - and my favourite, dancing. I aim to do well at the end of this year and promote the school’s name.

Samkelisiwe Jeane Mbambo

Denzil James Fourie – Deputy Leader

Denzil James Fourie

I am Denzil James Fourie. I am 17 years old, and a Deputy Leader at the Hibberdene Academy in 2014. My newly-found interest is reading. My subjects include Business Studies, Computer Applications Technology, Geography, Mathematical Literacy and the compulsory subjects. I would like to study Graphic Design upon completion of my matric because I strongly believe I have what it takes to become an excellent graphic designer.